Post to Facebook Page Wall Using PHP + Graph

In this post you will learn how to post to Facebook page wall (Not User Wall) using PHP and Facebook API. To understand this article you must have knowledge of Facebook application development and their API usage. Before we begin I assume you have created Facebook Application and you have a running Facebook Page where you want  your message to appear.  

Setting up Facebook Application for Localhost

Sometimes we may need to test some facebook scripts in localhost environment, all you need to do is create your localhost facebook application just like any other application you’ve created.

Facebook New DIV tags

As per Facebook, they are going to deprecate all FBML tags, and will be completely be removed by June 1st 2012. All FBML tags <fb:comments>, <fb:feed> etc will no longer work. So what happens if all FBML tags no longer supported by Facebook? simple, just switch to regular HTML and Javascript socal plugins, or use their Graph API.

Let people subscribe to your Facebook Updates

Until now, it wasn’t possible for people to see your Facebook wall updates directly, unless you have set your Facebook privacy settings to public. But even though they will not hear what you want to say, unless they visit your profile directly. If you are some well known social figure, such as if your profession is DJ, musician, artists, journalists etc. public are interested in what you post on your wall. So why not let them subscribe to your Facebook updates.